Talk about monsters.

commanche In a previous post I mentioned a boat we had some involvement with, making some tooling and some fit up parts. Well, the beast is on the water in Rhode Island and some pictures are available at Comanche.  You need to read up on it if you are interested in cutting edge racing designs. It’s impressive. First real race is the Sydney to Hobart Race, a race that can be brutal and deadly.

The picture to the left comes from Hodgdon Yachts Facebook page.

I tried to get a ride on it as rail meat. Sadly, the short amount of time in the water in RI is so tightly scheduled there is no time or room for anyone extra around.  I’d probably die anyway, so perhaps that is a good thing.


On another, unrelated note. You have seen my elderly Vizsla sidekick Ty in a few photos. Ty hated being on the boat. He was the sole reason we did not do many overnights or lengthy day sails since we did not want him to be alone for too long. We were okay with that, although we did grumble at times. Being older with some health issues required special people willing to care for him and we had a couple of those friends, but it was a lot to ask of anyone. Sadly, Ty will not be the reason we do not get more sailing in next year. After 13-1/2 years of giving us his unconditional best, his tired body had enough and he headed to Biscuit Paradise a few days ago. We were so fortunate to be with him at the end – I’d like to think he knew we were there to bless his transition and make it easier. He was a great dog and my almost constant companion for the last 10-1/2 years. We had our routine to and from work and it’s going to take some time to establish a different one. His sweetness and kind soul even won over Sharon, admittedly not a dog person. You will be missed dear Ty.


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