So it’s been a while

IMAG0834 (Large)and it’s that unplanned time of the year when the boat gets hauled onto land and parked/covered/prepared for another cold, snowy Maine winter. I’ve been experiencing a lot of melancholy as of late. It started a while ago but has made itself quite evident since September 28th has come as gone. Intrepid readers will know that date as the one chosen to depart for the southern climates aboard FifthQuarter for the winter. Plans were made for family and friend visits en route, friends and family joining on various legs, as well as what promised to be a crazy trip to the Bahamas with my youngest sister and her hubby.

All that pretty much fell to the the roadside because of the inept and incompetent administrators at K e s t r e l Aircraft. You will recall they “bought” my company over two years ago, but due to mismanagement and poor decisions on their part, I was forced into taking it back, thusly postponing my retirement.

They say there is a silver lining to every cloud. I guess I may have several. I get to not worry about Sharon, who chose to spend one more year teaching, dealing with what the Farmer’s Almanac promises to be a brutal winter in Maine.  I get to spend more time with Ty, the wonder dog who has been my constant companion for over thirteen years and who is in the twilight of his life. He was to come with me, but probably would have committed doggie suicide in Long Island Sound by leaping overboard in some show of athleticism, since he hates the boat. I get to spend more time with our good friends Mike and Brenda, although there were plans to be some part of the winter voyage. That could have been dangerous. Then there is Indy, my trouble making six year old Bengal cat. Has never been aboard the boat but is destined to be baptized by fire next year. I know my daughters and their guys were looking forward to spending the Christmas Holidays in the Dry Tortugas. I can now go to the Badger’s game in Madison on November 29th, and then attend the Green Bay Packers/ Patriots game in Lambeau on the 30th. Gonna be fun to see the Pats get spanked. Thank you Alan for sharing some of your season tickets. GO PACK!!

I’m trying to think of something else positive, but to be frank, I’m quite PO’d. I’m not where I wanted to be and I’m not enjoying working 80+ hours a week.

IMAG0833 (Large)Reflecting upon what has transpired over the last two plus years, and what has happened to other folks I know, I realize things could be worse, much worse. I have my health, I have a wonderful family and good friends. And I have Medicare coming up in about a month. I can hardly wait to see what kind of mess that will entail.

Fall of 2015 will be here sooner than we can imagine, unless we all die from Ebola or get killed by an illegal alien. In the meantime, keep your spirits up and drink only good stuff. None of that Bud Light.



3 responses to “So it’s been a while

  1. I had to comment doe to your last comment about Bud Light. I’ve changed my choice and have moved on to redd’s apple ale, quite tasty. I may also tap into the supply of makers mark that I keep just for you. Although we will miss the trip to the Bahamas, we are looking forward to your visit in November. Thinking of you and hoping your dreams come true soon.

  2. I feel you on winter melancholy, especially when the brain is screaming “head south! head south!”. Nice to know someone else out there is preparing for shrink-wrapping & winter survival!

    I was curious who you might be when I read “Harts at Sea”s response to your comment, hence how I found your site. Let me know if you figure out the secret to Maine winters with a boat 🙂

    • Hi Leah – A Vancouver girl, huh? We moved here from Vancouver twenty years ago, but that’s the WA one. Been to your Vancouver many times. Welcome to Maine. The secret to Maine winters with a boat is simple – you need to be crazy. You wintering over on dirt or on the water? I know a couple folks who stay on the water. Okay, that’s just masochism. Thanks for the note.

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