Those sands have been washed away again.

ty oldAs mentioned in an earlier post, plans are made in sand on a beach. The waves just came back and erased the next chapter, but we’ll be re-writing it soon enough.

The guy who had an offer to buy my business walked away from it today. I’m not surprised – he spent the week in the shop with me, trying to get a feel for what he would be up against when the sale documents would be signed. I did not have a good feeling about having him underfoot, with no skin in the game at this point, and it was awkward. In retrospect, I should have said no, but he did buy a new computer, had invested money into getting this far, and I felt it would wrap up within a couple of weeks. But then, saying no to his presence might have lead to another situation where in he would buy the business, not be able to make this work and I again would lose a bunch of money. Perhaps it was my perception, but I really think he bit off more than he could chew and was in over his head.

Good for him that he realized it now. We will both be better off.

One good thing for me is that I don’t have to decide what to do with my old puppy. He hates the boat and mopes around when I am not with him (he’s really pathetic that way), so leaving him behind was not a good option.  So he’s stuck being at my side until he dies. Or me, whoever comes first.

This erases a big piece of the turmoil that has been my recent life, that of getting the boat and me ready for the trip South in a couple of months. I can relax, I can breathe, I can stop spending money on the boat. Sort of. It makes winter for Sharon easier. She won’t have to tackle those things I do and that’s a good thing – she has enough on her plate during the school year with some 20 impressionable young minds.

So ……. tomorrow we go sailing on Casco Bay and enjoy our home waters and all they provide.

Cheers! I mean that.


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