It’s the middle of July ….

and the boat has not been away from the mooring since it was brought down June 7th??? What is that all about?

This summer to date has been a blur. A blur of too many other commitments, boat repairs, weddings, reunions, too much rain, too many yadda yadda yaddas. Man, I hate that expression. Not that they haven’t had their own rewards, but I need some time for us. US!!!!

Tonight was a nice dinner aboard 5Q. A Geary’s Porter and some Vincent Arroyo Petite Syrah. I fired up the Magma grill and incinerated Sharon’s chicken (actually, that’s how she likes it) and almost cremated my Bisson’s strip steak, all to go with a nice salad. If someone knows how to control the temperature on a Magma grill, please let me know. I guarantee you, when I cook fish on a cedar plank, the plank could be used for charcoal afterwards. Beautiful evening – calm, clear, moon waxing Gibbon (or something like that).

We have some dirt neighbors who are complete morons when it comes to being considerate after 10 PM. That is time for quiet hours in our fair town of Falmouth. This summer I have called them twice, asking to cut the ruckus cuz I need to get up in the AM. I would not be such a curmudgeon but these people think their shit does not stick and find it entertaining that the neighbors do not enjoy their loud mouthed screeching moronic daughter. Tonight I called the local constables. And soon I will file a complaint. We are not the only ones in the neighborhood who do not appreciate their idea of entertainment.  How did I get on that?

Anyhow, this weekend an invitation to sail aboard FifthQuarter has been extended to a bunch of Aussies and crew who are spearheading (is that racist?) the build of a 100′ maxi-sailboat at Hodgdon Yachts that has one focus – to break speed records. My company, Janseneering, Inc has been fortunate to have some involvement in helping to supply parts for this project. The first race is the Sydney-Hobart event in Australia, and the push is on to complete it on time.

Okay, so they will be bored senseless with the fat, slow catamaran compared to the speeds they have probably seen aboard so many cutting edge racing sailboats. Tough. FifthQuarter provides a nice stable platform that will not heel and spill their beers. And I have a Magma grill that will cremate anything. Don’t they call it the Barbie, Down Under? What does that really mean?




One response to “It’s the middle of July ….

  1. I seem to recall a weekend at G&G ‘s in Cecil where some noisy bikers partied all night so someone put his speakers on top his chanteuse mustang on Sunday am, bright and early, and blasted out Sunday service. You should try that again?

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