How wonderful is this?

seal pupIt’s pup season for the harbor seals in the Gulf of Maine. A boat being being what it is, a boat, it is always in need of work. Never mind that I never completed the list from before.

I headed out Wednesday, ostensibly to work on the port engine water pump. As I approached 5Q, I could see a blackish object on the starboard sugar scoop.

Throttling back on my herky 2.5 HP Mercury outboard, so as to not disturb said object, it became apparent 5Q had a visitor. Not just any visitor but a harbor seal pup. OMG! How adorable! You can see I tied up next to Ollie, who was a bit apprehensive but stayed the course. A call to Alan at the Harbormaster’s office confirmed what I expected, don’t touch, and Sea Mammal Rescue has no interest. This little pudgeball was perhaps 20-24″ long, all stretched  out. We became fast friends. We could have had a Maker’s together we were so tight. Lazy yawns, squeeks, snorts ……. I understood it all.  I could lie down so close we could have touched noses. Ollie smelled of fish. They never did get that smell out of the water.

The obligatory pictures were taken and texted off to various members of the family unit. Youngest daughter guffawed the “stuffed seal pup”. Oldest daughter has yet to reply, the snot. Sharon wanted to come out to see my new friend. Ollie waited patiently while I departed and returned stealthily with Sharon. Ollie was still there, and the sheen of the coat indicated a swim had been taken since we last saw each other. Water temp was 59°F. No thanks. Pictures were taken and Sharon gushed with understandable pleasure at this little creature from the sea.

It really was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever experienced. And I’ve been to Menasha, WI to give you an idea.

The very sad part about this whole episode is that Ollie was aboard for perhaps four hours that I/we were there. He was suckling the “O” in Madison. Okay, it looks like a hooter, I get it, but fiberglass gives no pleasure unless you’ve been around it as long as yours truly. At no time did Ollie’s mother come around. Nor did Nadya Suleman.

Allan explained that they have found some dead seal pups. Whether moms abandoned them, whether they simply got separated, or whether moms had died somehow, all resulted in baby harbor seals that could not survive and would not get a chance to swim in the beautiful waters of Casco Bay. I really wanted to bring him home for dinner.

We are so fortunate to have been able to experience this little guy. It almost rivals our swimming with the manatees in Crystal River, FL back in the mid ’70’s.

We have not been back to check on him. This is Maine, after all, and it’s been raining like hell since then.


One response to “How wonderful is this?

  1. Wow, you sure know how to tell a story, almost felt like I was there. Wishful thinking I guess. I’ll try to put in an order for only sunshine while you are in Wisconsin.

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