Splash down.

launch June 2014June 5, 2014 is the latest date I ever put any boat in the water. This year was late for two main reasons. The first is that winter just ended a week ago and the weather has been cold and rainy. I don’t care so much these days to get wet and chilled to the bone on purpose. The other reason is that there are basically TWO boats to prepare rather than the one hull with a monohull. Double everything. You get the idea. Well, except there is not double the time available to get all this preparation done. It’s been a long time since the start of work in March.

On Saturday, the morning tides are not favorable for getting away from the dock at Royal River Boatyard. There is about 7′-8′ of coastal tide where we live. The river leaving the boatyard gets very narrow at low tide, around 12:30 PM on Saturday. It switches to incoming tide at that time. We certainly do not want to leave on an outgoing tide so will head out about 2-3 PM. That way, if we go aground (highly likely) maneuvering the snaky way out, the incoming tide will lift us off, giving us another chance to go aground. Fortunately, the river bottom is rather mucky so it would be a soft landing.

Well, except for the one corner of hard ledge, marked with a buoy.



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