Blue Hair —–

thI was sanding the bottomS of the boat (notice the plural) last weekend. The bottom paint on FifthQuarter is kinda baby blue. Yes, blue paint dust gets airborne and over everything. A lobsterman working on his boat told me I looked like a blue hair and that was why he painted his boat bottom black, so that he looks younger when sanding it. Is it messier than Grecian Formula? I’ve met some great working fisherman while working on the boat at Royal River Boatyard in Yarmouth. Tuna, scallop and lobsterman. A hardy bunch if there ever was. It’s not an easy way to make a living. And …. I’ve been told I can have boat prices for the seafood if we run into each other. Now that is even better.

We are ready for two coats of bottom paint, if the weather stays dry for a couple days. After that it is a major buffing and polishing of the topsides and we are finally ready to be splashed. It’s also the time when I find out if all the new penetrations into the hull are water tight.

Just in case you were thinking THE LIST is now complete, I laugh in your direction! THE LIST is never complete, in fact may just grow two items for every one checked off. Once afloat and at the mooring, the rest can be attended to at leisure. With a beer.


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