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Do you like hopping into a round bottomed dinghy, one that is narrow in the stern so you can always climb uphill while underway from lack of buoyancy, and easy to have flip out from underneath you (how would I know) as you are getting into it? Or have the tubes on your RIB go flaccid from a puncture or change in temperature? Or not be able to carry much due to the limited space inside the dinghy hull? Well, me neither, and if I am doing this correctly, I may have a 9′-9″ LOA fiberglass dinghy that will go a long way to solving all this.

This has been a project banging on the back door for a long time. An opportunity finally came about in the shop and we put my 3D CAD design (a culmination of a lot of things I’ve liked about several other larger power boats) onto my 5-axis CNC machines and cut the master patterns for the hull and three seats. In the composites business we call ’em plugs.

The master patterns have just been sprayed with the first coat of primer and are due to be sanded and polished, in preparation for building molds. We have other work in the shop so we are squeezing this project in little by little. If all goes well, and optimistically before the ice comes back in fall, the prototype will hit the waters of Casco Bay for sea trials this summer. I’ll put my old test boat driver experience to work and see if I can get this on plane with a small outboard and see what she will do. Who knows, if it works as well as I am anticipating I may produce and sell a million of them, or perhaps sell the molds to someone and gather a royalty each time they are used. Like that’ll make me rich.

Here are two views of the rendered CAD file for your perusal. Forward and aft seats will have floatation foam and the center seat accesses storage.




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