Plans are sometimes

sand-washed-away-by-wavewritten in the sand, only to be washed away by waves, and rewritten for some time further down the road. Such is life with us as of a recent change. Almost a year and a half ago I sold my business Janseneering, Inc to another company. It was to be a five year process, one that kept me working for a few more years while we built up those funds necessary to go crusing.

In late December 2013 I excercised my contractual right to regain ownership of Janseneering. Let’s just say things were not going as planned and it’s better this way for us. If a person was so inclined, I suppose an on-line search would lead to more information.

2014 starts out with new challenges and new goals and new targets to make and meet.  Among those is a carry over of the intent to cast off the dock lines in September of this year. After a reassessment of the business, now that I have the pleasure of being its owner again, the business will be placed back on the market for sale, sometime in January 2014. This time, owner financing will not be an option. Retirement is looming and there are some things we want to do before we are no longer able.

This is not to be looked at as a set back, but rather an opportunity to better prepare. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 and here’s to success and good health to you.


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