Why didn’t I sail more last summer?

genset impellerFifthQuarter arrived in Maine mid June, 2013. Naturally, I was all atwitter about going sailing. I had some time so it made sense to make a few of the obvious repairs that all boats always need to have taken care of (okay, I ended a sentence with a preposition – so what?). I don’t even recall where I started, but never give a mouse a cookie. Suffice it to say, as I dug deeper and deeper, more and more issues arose. Some easy, some difficult and ugly. I discovered that the previous owner really had no penchant for doing any more than was necessary to keep it running, and not that well at that. If you are really bored, read on. Otherwise, this next part will revert to the boring style of “what did I fix on the boat?” I will say I am more familiar with where things are and how to get to them after this adventure. Remember, this is a model year 2006 so it isn’t all that old.

In no order:

  • Easiest was changing oil and all filters (including fuel) on engines and genset.
  • Replaced the wet exhaust elbows on both engines.
  • Pulled and rebuilt the fuel injectors, both engines.
  • Adjusted the valves, both engines.
  • Replaced the seawater pump impellers on both engines and the genset (they were all original equipment and all were missing at least one or more blades)
  • Replaced the port engine throttle cable after it broke coming into the dock (since there was no access to the bolts and control head, an access panel was cut in from the cabinet side). Need to make a cover plate in spring.
  • Removed, ground out interference on the bracket that holds the engine shutoff pulls. No wonder they did not work well – the cables had a hard kink where they went over the bracket.
  • Added hour meters to engines – the original LCD display, well you know how bad those are.
  • New genset battery and added a battery charge level indicator.
  • Started replacing all lights with LED from  www.marinebeam.com. These are made in  the USA and are not like the junk you get from China.
  • A neighboring boat had a lightning strike that migrated to 5Q, leading to replacement of the chartplotter, radome, GPS antenna and resetting the inverter. The old chartplotter was a massive trunnion mounted one. A smaller panel mounted Raymarine e95 from Sawyer and Whitten in Portland, ME was put in, requiring fiberglass work and fabricating a Starboard bezel for mounting.
  • New wind speed/direction sensor atop the mast and display at the helm. (still working out the bugs on that).
  • All the deck hatches leaked. Some were replaced new, others rebedded. Sold the old ones on Craigslist, got enough money to pay for the new one.
  • Re-bedded several leaking deck fittings.
  • Replaced the old 65# CQR anchor with a new 25kg Rocna. Sold CQR on Craigslist for what I paid for the new Rockna.
  • Removed the aluminum port and stbd waste tanks. The stbd one leaked and that lead to cutting an access hole in the head sole so I could get to all the waste liquid (not even mine, yecch) that had seeped into the inaccessible bilge area, mixing with the left over saw dust from when the boat was built. Yes, that was a memorable event.
  • New jib sheets. The old ones were ‘push me’ stiff. A few other lines will be replaced in spring, suffering from the same malady.
  • Hacked out the corroded thru-hulls.
  • Rebuilt both toilets. Probably going to put a Vacu-Flush into the stbd head in spring. Getting it from Terri at OceanLink.
  • Cleaned all the bilges, made sure all pumps are working.
  • Determined that the water leaking in the salon was coming from the big side salon windows. I am sure that will be a fun task to pull, clean and re-bed those.

Alright, even I am bored. But, I was on the boat so it can’t be all that bad, right? I think the above work is a good start on what needs to be done in 2014. What is done by the time fall comes around is all I’ll get done, because on September 28th (or so….) the boat and its crew are outa here!

PS. Having a full titanium replacement knee makes for some interesting physical contortions in order to access all those hard to reach places equipment is buried in. (There, I did it a second time).


3 responses to “Why didn’t I sail more last summer?

    • All but one handle of that great Fleischmans vodka was used to winterize the water systems. When I flushed the lines with fresh water, I could have gotten inebriated from the fumes. 🙂

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