Peter, I can see your house from here.

top down

Okay, that’s from an irreverent old joke. If you don’t know it, ask Peter.

The wind speed/direction instrument has been acting a bit eager as of late. I have a hard time believing the maximum wind speed while motoring was over 96 knots, or that it was always coming from 260° off the bow.  The sensor is located atop the mast, normally 63′ 7″ off the water. On land where 5Q is stored for the winter, add another 5′ to that. No matter how much I tried, I could not convince Sharon that she was the right person to go up there and check the wiring connection.  Petite, nimble, spry, agile … none of those words were the right ones. So I convinced myself I was all of those as well and could do this on my own. Using an ascender system rigged to the main halyard, I swiftly scaled the mast to the very top. Okay, it took me 45 minutes, but I do have one titanium knee so the added weight slowed me down a tad.

The bad news is the wiring is not the issue. Both the sensor and the readout display have been sent to the manufacturer for review. This is a real bummer because this is the first of these units to be sold in  the USA and 5Q has the first installation. So far Cruzpro has been great in helping figure this out. In spring the replacement will be here and I get to go aloft again. I wonder what Sharon will be doing that day?

The good news is while I was up there, a bald eagle flew by at the same altitude, perhaps 25′ away. What a gorgeous bird. Stupid acting though, if you’ve ever watched one of the webcams of fledglings in a nest.

Outside of an occasional visit to remove snow from the cover, 5Q is tucked in for a long winter’s nap.


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