The sailing season is just about to an end, and it’s hard to believe the weather in Maine is still great this time of the year. Not so much the past couple years. The Ericson was a piece of cake to winterize – one small engine, one small head, and a water tank. Not so with 5Q. Double everything and make it more complicated. So….. instead of taking advantage of the cloudless sky today to go for one last sail, like so many folks were doing, the engines and generator have been prepped for a long winter’s sleep. 5Q comes out of the water on Thursday and there should be plenty of time to remove the sails, pack and remove all the freezeable items, and wrap up the rest of the winter prep, including draping a couple of huge tarps over the deck. Anyone want to help lug six large batteries off the boat?

Sharon brought out teacher work rather than sit in the house and grade papers. It was a perfect setting for relaxing and getting that done. She had to chase the sun once in a while as the wind pushed 5Q into a gentle dance around the mooring ball.


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