Newport International Boat Show

Portland Harbor 1837 (Large)

On Sunday, 15 September 2013, Sharon and I went to the subject boat show. It’s a big thing out here – lot’s of new boats (well, not so many since the economy sucks and not that many people are buying new boats) and lots of vendors hawking the latest and greatest doo dads and gizmos. Along that line, Ocean Link had some interesting items and we will probably be adding a Vacu-Flush head to the boat next year. Full disclosure, Terri is a friend and if I can bring her some business, I am delighted to do so. Her friendship is plenty of compensation, especially since her “guy” has been a friend for almost 20 years.

Anyhow, back to the show. We found some nice weather gear and Sharon added the fifth (?) SeaBag to her collection. As she says, you know how many Seabags a woman should have? One more than currently. Okay, it is a very smart bag and they are made from used sails, of which we donated a spare jib to get a bag for free.

The picture at the beginning of this entry is an 1837 chart of the water entry to Portland, ME. We like to collect appropriate antique maps and charts, and this one wraps up the three states we have lived in, Washington, Wisconsin and Maine. The famous Portland Head Light is still labeled as the Portland Point Light House. Our friends John and Cindy from Seattle (old Boeing colleagues) were recently here and the light was high on their list to visit. A few years ago when brother Pete was out, we were lashed by wind and waves from the tail end of hurricane Irene. Quite the different perspective.

Sharon laughed at me. For as long as I have been in this business, and as many boat shows as I have dragged her to, this is the first boat show I have been to where I did not go aboard a single boat. We have FifthQuarter now, and that is perfect. I did meet with a few customers and discussed some potential new work. Time will tell.


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